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Welcome to Class 3



Spring Term 2021

A quick update following the announcement of School Closures.

Please see the letter from Mr Stirzaker below:


Dear Parents


First of all, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Not quite the start to the New Year we were hoping for, but we will endeavour to do the best we can for your children.


My plan, similar to the last lockdown, is to remotely teach my class.

I will be setting the children work on the Class 3 page of the school website. This will mainly be focused on Maths and English to begin with.


I will host a Zoom video conference lesson each day for each Year group. The timings are below:


Year 4: 12;00

Year 5: 12:40

Year 6: 13:30


The expectation is that children complete the work set before the Zoom call ( and then I can go through the work with them during the call.


During the Zoom call I expect children to keep their video on and to use their first name as their screen name. (This will also allow me to admit them into the call at the start). Children do not have to wear school uniform.


I do expect children to take a pride in their work – just as in class, I expect each piece of work to have a title and date underlined and care taken to present their work neatly. I look forward to seeing their books/work once we are back in school.


If you need to contact me about your child’s work, please could you use the following email address:


In terms of setting a timetable for children’s work, there will have to be some flexibility from the normal school timetable to fit around daily home life. In general, I would be expecting children to complete the Maths and English tasks in the morning in preparation for the video conferencing. The afternoon could be used for other activities such as: reading, music practice, physical exercise or even household chores!! I will post the work on the website from 7.30am.


If possible, I would like the children’s work to be completed in their school books. With this in mind, if you would like to collect your children’s books from school, please do so. I will be at school until 3.30pm today (Tuesday 5th Jan) and in school tomorrow from 8.00am. I know a few children left pencil cases etc at school over the holidays; these could also be picked up.


Thankyou again for your support.



Many Thanks


David Stirzaker

Cindy, Ann and Bones and the Temple of Boom

Well done to all of Class 3 who have been working hard in English to make a movie... Cindy, Ann and Bones and the temple of Boom!!

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