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Enrichment Activities

Week 13th July - 17th July


Enrichment Activities

Because it's the last week of term and because you have all worked so hard this year both at school and at home, I'm giving you a few choices this week.

You can pick and choose your activities for the week!

If you want to do the normal English and Maths work that if fine, you can go onto the normal Year group pages and complete the work.

If you fancy doing something slightly different, then you can try a few of these activities instead. The choice is yours.

If you fancy trying out a coding workshop, you will have to register for one of the workshops (very last button).

I would still like you to join the Zoom meetings. You can tell me what you've been up to during the day.

If there is anything you want to share with me, selfie photos etc then please send it to:

Have fun!



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