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Year 5

Thursday 9th July


For Maths today:

Task 1: BSG sheet (you can do this in the back of your maths book)

Task 2: Today we will be carrying on our work on volume. Watch the video about finding volume then complete either worksheet 1 or worksheet 2 or both! You can mark your own work.

If you fancy an extra challenge, click on my maths moji.





For English today:

Today we'll be writing up the method for your set of instructions.


Watch the video lesson 'Lesson 6'

Task 1: Use your planning from the last lesson and write up the method for your instruction. (You only need to do the step by step instructions today.



Spanish Challenge

In this lesson, we will recap all of our previous learning and then move on to talking about our family and pets in Spanish.

I would like you to have a go at this at some stage this week. You can choose which day to do it on.

(The lesson is one from Oak National Academy)



Spanish clipart.jpg

Music Challenge

A bit of music and singing this week.

In this lesson we will be learning about pulse in 3 and 4 time and learning a song in Latin!


Really look forward to seeing how you get on.


(The lesson is one from Oak National Academy)




Zoom Meeting

Mr Stirzaker is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Year 5 Video Conferencing

Time: July 9th, 2020 12:40 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 367 982 874
Password: Stawley


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