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News From Stawley School - Camp Week

With SATs tests all over it can only mean one thing; year 5 and Year 6 are off to Kilve Court for the week. Here's a few diary extracts from this year’s camp.

Sunday 15th May

Last minute scrabbling around for various bits and pieces. Have I got enough clothes? Is it going to be hot? cold? rainy? Decide to cover all bases and pack thermals as well as shorts.

Early to bed in the full knowledge that this will be the last decent night’s sleep in a comfy bed for a good few nights - don't sleep anyway as I keep on waking up thinking of things that I've forgotten to pack!

Monday 16th May

Open the curtains to bright sunshine! Hooray!

Last minute check of things and then it's off to Bishops Lydeard school to meet up with everyone else. Make it as far as the front door before I realise I've left my torch beside the bed.

Finally stagger to school with far too many bags each weighing more than a small child!


The children start to arrive and the real excitement begins. Cake after cake is brought in; 47 cakes! Will we really get through that much cake?


After a few games we start bringing all the luggage onto the playground to load onto the bus. Strange, the bus is normally here by now.


Calamity! There is no bus! The bus company went into liquidation over the weekend. After a few desperate phone calls Berry's Coaches save the day and send a coach over.


Still waiting for the bus, apparently it went to the wrong school.


Finally, on our way to Kilve. Lots of very excited children.

We soon arrive, unpack, have lunch and then it's straight into activities. The climbing tower first. A real mix, there are some kids who are like spiders and scoot up the tower while for some it's a real achievement to get past the first few hand holds. What's brilliant is the encouragement that everyone gives each other, helping each other along.

Next up is grass sledging, a firm favourite. Zooming down the hill in the cross between a sledge and a tank!

The rest of day followed in a flurry of activities interspersed with the biggest bowl of spaghetti bolognese I've ever seen.

Bed time next, not too late, lights out at 10pm. Maybe it was a bit optimistic as for the next hour or so several night revellers were spotted poking their heads out of the cabin. Finally, we could head to bed ourselves.



The dreaded knock on the door!

Me: what is it (said in the most compassionate voice I can muster at 2 in the morning).

Voice: I can't get in my cabin Mr Stirzaker, the door’s locked!

The problem's soon sorted and it's back to sleep again.


Woken up by the first few cabin doors banging. It's alright I didn't need to sleep anyway!

By 8.30 though everyone's up and the camp is buzzing! Breakfast is soon over (beans on toast) and then it's off for a walk on the beautiful Quantock Hills. As soon as we're out the gate though the questions start: Are we nearly there yet? How much further to go? Is it time for lunch yet? My legs are hurting!

2 steep hills, several stream crossings and a diversion to avoid a field with a bull in it and we're back at camp. The staff, collapsed in the comfy chairs drinking tea by the pint; the children, whose feet were in pain only moments age, charging around the field playing football! Where do they get their energy? At least they should sleep well tonight, or at least I hope they sleep well tonight!

And so it continues.

On another note, I have great pleasure in announcing that Mrs Collier's baby has been born.

Benjamin John Collier was born on Monday 9th May, weighing in at 9lbs 8oz! We all wish Mrs Collier and her family all the best and are looking forward to when she comes in to school with baby John.

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