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The New School Year

One of my favourite things about the new school year is when the whole school comes together for the first time. That first assembly when everyone is together for the first time always seems that bit more special. At the front of the hall are the new reception children, the future of the school, all looking so smart in their new uniform. At this stage of the year they are still a bit shy and nervous (I’m sure that will soon change!). Then, as I look towards the back of the room and see the Year 6 children, you see just how much they have changed and how much they have moved on since they started school. It is a real privilege to be a part of the journey that the children take as they move through the school. To support them as they grow and develop ready for the next stage of their schooling.

Just as pleasing is seeing last year’s Year 6 in their new secondary school uniform, they seem to have grown another couple of inches over the summer holiday. They all seem so confident as they talk about their first experiences of secondary school. Once again, there is a certain amount of pride you feel as a teacher of being a part of a child’s development. It really is more than just a job, it is something we care about deeply, yes it can be challenging, but it is also so rewarding!

If you would like the chance to come and visit Stawley School and find out about some of the projects taking place this year, please come and join us for our Open Day on Thursday 13th October. You can pop in anytime between 9.30 and 3.30.

David Stirzaker

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